BY: Stephan Fouche Sr. 



verb gerund or present participle: peaking

  1. reach a highest point, either of a specified value or at a specified time

Let me start here, I don’t watch TV and rarely go to the movies but I’m very familiar with the Mahershala Ali and Viola Davis who won the Oscar for best supporting actor and best supporting actress respectively. To see they’re popularity come full circle is a testament to their commitment to their craft. Ali (43) and Davis (51) are truly motivating to me as I approach the age of 36, which really means as I approach my 40’s I understand that my best years are ahead of me in my craft. Ali and Davis have shown how you can peak and flourish as you get the older if you continue to work and grow and adjust (all the greats adjust).  I like to think that we all can evolve in the same manner from someone who’s successful at their job, climbing up the corporate ladder, to someone in there 30’s who has no idea what they want to become, I guess what I saying it’s never too late to flourish once you put your mind to it.

On the other side, what often motivates us can also feed into our own insecurities. One of the reason that I don’t watch TV, besides the mental conditioning of minorities and the stereotypes it portrays, I feel like its time wasted from coming up with ideas and working on my craft. As we get older we must make sure we don’t fall into the trap of living through other people’s successes.

Do not give up on yourself, nor be content with your current circumstances.

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